Clear the Clog in Your Sewer Line

Clear the Clog in Your Sewer Line

Call for sewer line hydro jetting services in Rome & Old Forge, New York

You never expected your home's sewer line to become clogged. But now you need to find an expert who can clear your sewer line without wiping out your bank account. Luckily, you've found the right team for the job. JS Septic & Sewer Services can clear your sewer line by means of hydro jetting or power snaking. We'll determine the right plan of action to alleviate the blockage in your sewer line. Call JS Septic & Sewer Services right now for assistance.

What will work best to clear your sewer line clog?

Plumbing snakes are used to clear minor clogs resulting from toilet paper, food or inappropriate objects (toys, marbles, etc.). It's also used at residential properties that do not rely on city sewer services.

Hydro jetting is used to clear heavy sludge and grease on pipe walls. While hydro jetting can clear almost any clog, that doesn't make it right for your situation. For your clog, JS Septic & Sewer Services will:

  • Determine what's clogging your pipes and locate any damage
  • Find the specific location of the blockage
  • Choose the proper drain clearing method

Make sure you choose a professional septic service to take care of your sewer line cleaning. Contact JS Septic & Sewer Services today to get rid of your clog once and for all.